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13.09.2017 / פורסם בפעילות בקהילה

In this day and age, distance is not impediment to cardiovascular research and collaboration.  The Baker Heart & Diabetes Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia is an independent research institute that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  On Wednesday, August 31st, the Baker Institute and the Hadassah Research & Development Division signed a Memorandum of Agreement, for cooperative scientific research in the fields of cardiovascular and endocrinologic medicine.

The connection between Hadassah’s research labs and Baker IDI was made a year and a half ago, when Professor Chaim Lotan visited the Baker Center while in Australia working on a joint project with The University of Melbourne. Together with Professor Ronen Beeri, Hadassah Cardiology organized an annual seminar for a group of Baker researchers visiting Israel, including  researchers from medical institutions all over Israel.  As a result, multiple research collaborations have been formed, and all agreed to build a formal framework for research collaborations.

Our Hadassah Research Center is currently working on a collaborative research project investigating the pathophysiology of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy – known as The Broken Heart Syndrome. An important project is also under way on the genetics of diabetes, in the endocrinology laboratories of Professor Benjamin Glaser.

We look forward to having exciting results come out of this collaboration!

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