Innovation at the Forefront

13.09.2017 / פורסם בפעילות בקהילה

Innovation is the lifeblood of medical technology.  The Hadassah Heart Institute dedicates significant energy to the development of  innovative techniques to provide our patients with cutting-edge treatment. Our Director, Professor Chaim Lotan, has made the study of cardiovascular device innovation a personal objective , and the Heart Institute has several devices under development.   These devices don’t just happen, and the Heart Institute has developed two programs that foster development,  to inspire and launch the innovators of the future.

The ICI Program

In 2006, Professor Lotan, together with Professor Rafi Beyar of The Rambam Medical Center, established Innovation in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) – an international conference devoted to innovations in the field of cardiovascular medicine.  ICI has become the premier international gathering dedicated to this topic.  The tenth anniversary of the conference in 2016 was attended by 2,000 professionals from over 40 countries.

One part of the conference is a day-long program, developed with  Professor Paul Iaizzo of The University of Minnesota, which covers the basics steps involved in the invention of  a biomedical device and bringing it to market. Steps covered include:

  • Identifying the medical need
  • Theorizing regarding a solution
  • Mapping – checking whether a similar solution is already being worked on
  • Designing a device
  • Building a prototype
  • Patenting
  • Testing processes
  • Capital
  • Marketing

The program combines frontal lectures and practical exercises.  Groups of participants “invent” possible solutions to a specific medical need.  They work through processes mentored by experts.  The program has received extremely favorable feedback. Some graduates have become successful entrepreneurs and start-up CEOs.

At the same time, the Hebrew  University has partnered with us to foster innovation in promising young scientists.  Professor Lotan together with Professor Koby Nahmias- Head of The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences at The Hebrew University, have developed an inter-faculty course of Biodesign Innovation, at The Hebrew University.

During this yearlong, part-time program for graduate students, each student participates in the development of innovative devices or systems.  The program has been in existence for four years.  Seven of the final projects developed have produced marketable devices or are in late stages of testing under grants.

Hadassah Cardiology is fostering innovation in cardiology, and training the inventors of the future in all fields of medicine.

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